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About Cyril Furniture
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About Us

Portrait Cyril Barret

01 Cyril Barret

His passion, style, and innovative approach make his designs true works of art. His leading speciaUties are his expertise with fabrics, including window decorations (curtains, blinds, etc.), as well as customised sofas and armchairs. He has now settled in Dubai, devoting his artistic approach and acknowledged expertise to the design and production of customised decors for an international cUentele of private individuals, firms, and institutions, paying the strictest attention to the desires of each client.

02 Know-how

Cyril’s team of highly-quaUfied craftsmen, fully trained in each technique, works to the strictest specifications under the supervision of French experts from the « Compagnons du Devoir », to ensure that all their designs are finished to the highest standards. This is where the curtains, sofas, armchairs and exclusive furniture are produced, using hand-crafting techniques carefully adapted to meet modern requirements. The curtains are sewn by hand, Uned, and quilted. The fabrics corne from Europe, especially France. The accessories (quilting, Uning, hooks, etc.) are also made in France. The « Cabinet-making and carpentry » department produces skirting boards, half-timbering, and customised furniture
(chests of drawers, console tables).

Sofa detail

03 Materials

Cyril Barret is a fabric expert and insists that all his materials meet the highest standards, then blends them to achieve stunning results.
The sofas and armchairs have soUd-wood frames made from carefully-selected timber, covered with fabrics from the leading European designers, to offer you the largest possible range of materials and colours.
Only carefully-sourced, top-quaUty leather is used. Only the finest wood is used, with a majority of mahogany and stained beech.

04 Workshops

The nine 600 m2 workshops, installed in former factories, are all air-conditioned and regularly renovated. These spacious, entirely open premises provide large, unobstructed, well-Ut workrooms.
These large lofts retain the imprint and visible mementos of their former uses, creating an artistic atmosphere that enables all the employees to work efficiently, using a modern approach.